Bill & Janice Cattanach

Missions to Mexico

Misisons to Mexico

Bill & Janice Cattanach felt called to Mexico in 2003 and have developed relationships over these years with pastors & other missionaries living and serving in Acuna, Mexico. Their mission has been to support the work of the pastors & missionaries there, not doing the work for them, but working alongside them to encourage and assist in building the Kingdom of God in their world, as God has called them. They also guide teams that feel called by the Lord to serve in various capacities.

For more information about serving alongside the Cattanach’s or to provide supplies for them to take to these ministries in Mexico, please email them at

Visiting the widows and neighbors of the rural community Purisima with a local pastor who has a church there.

Providing supplies such as adult diapers, beans & rice (purchased in Mexico), blankets, toys for the kids, toilet paper, Bibles, durable medical equipment in good working condition such as wheelchairs, walkers, shower chairs, nebulizers, etc. Parasite medication for whole families, working through a local MD, have also been provided.

Setting up screening clinics in their community for diabetes and high blood pressure and handing out OTC meds & instruction sheets in Spanish.

Visiting a blind school for indigent visually impaired.

The instructor taught herself braille 20 years ago and started teaching a few students, with no funds. She now teaches several age groups in a corner of a public library who do not have a school they can attend if they are poor.

Providing supplies such as braille paper, a machine to type braille, and special canes for the blind.

Visiting an unwed mother’s home.

where teen moms can live, work, attend school and have help with their babies.

Providing sanitary pads, baby diapers, baby wipes, baby shampoo, formula etc.

Visiting homebound handicapped & elderly poor in colonies of Acuna with a local pastor.

Providing adult diapers, beans, rice, wound care supplies, used durable medical equipment in good working order such as walkers, wheelchairs, shower chairs, nebulizers, etc.

Visiting homebound handicapped & elderly poor in colonies of Acuna with a local pastor.

Providing an offering to help with her expenses, providing toilet paper, beans & rice, blankets, children’s coloring Bible pages in Spanish, Spanish Bibles to the church. Setting up clinics in the community.

Visit the orphanage White Stone Children’s Home of 10 years in Acuna, Mexico.

There are often opportunities to eat with the children and pray over the them. Sometimes programs are presented to the kids in Spanish and playing soccer with them is enjoyed. If you go early in the morning, you can help brush hair, which is a beautiful blessing to the children!

Providing fresh fruit, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, blankets, etc to the children.

Work with the asylum seekers in Del Rio at the Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition Processing Center

where city workers, city volunteers, & the faith-based community work to assist these people navigate our transportation system, receive a hot shower, meal, travel kit (aka welcome kit) and prayers. They can overnight here as well. Some arrive from Border Patrol still wet from crossing through the river fleeing violence in their home country.

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