Frequently Asked Questions

I Want To Serve Short-term With An Orphanage In A Country, But You Don't Show That Location On Your Website. What Can I Do?

​That’s great! We partner with multiple ministries that reach around the world. If our missionaries aren’t there right now, then it is likely that one of our partner ministries would love to have you.

I Feel Led To Respond To Local Disasters.
​We obviously cannot respond to every crisis worldwide, but we can assist you in organizing immediate relief efforts or in serving through an organization that is responding to a crisis. Also, when there is a disaster, we can contact you to join a team. Emergency management, crisis and disaster relief/response is not the primary thrust of what GSM is called to do, however.
I Am An Existing Missionary That Is Experiencing Stagnation In My Work
​We understand! We would love to set up a consultation with you to get to know you and provide you with some next steps and encouragement! (Yes, even if you aren’t wanting to become a GSM missionary!)
I Want To Give To This Ministry.

Thank you! Our Greatest Need Fund (GNF) covers a wide array of our ministry needs, but you can also select specific projects or missionaries from our site, and know that 100% of what we receive will go toward their work! You can give online using your bank account, credit card or debit card, and there is even a PayPal option for special gifts. You can also give through the mail, and all the instructions are at

I Want To Be A Short-term Missionary, So How Do I Join One Of Your Teams?
It is easy to get started. After praying over our list of teams, simply follow the instructions on our website to start your application. We will email you quickly!
I Have Been Praying About Becoming A Long-term Missionary And Have Been Looking At Various Organizations. What Is Beneficial About Joining GSM?

We are excited about all of the great organizations out there. We founded GSM by asking a lot of questions about what missionaries felt was lacking, what they wished and prayed someone would understand and do for them. This journey was a difficult one as we uncovered one troubling story after another as to how missionaries were being treated by some organizations, the gap between what mission organizations wanted to accomplish and the calling placed on the actual missionaries themselves, and so on. All of our missionaries understand that they have a voice in the development of GSM and how we will provide what is necessary to each aspect of what makes a missionary successful.

How Is GSM Different In Style Or Approach To Serving Missionaries Than Some Other Organizations I Have Heard Of?

What we find that separates us has a lot to do with the specifics of location, ministry style, and mission/vision that many organizations are called to carry out. For instance, medical missions in China is pretty specific! If you are needing to join a task force that are co-laboring on such a specific area or platform, then there are many great ministries out there to choose from! Some organizations already have an existing strategy for how they are going to accomplish a specific set of goals, and there are many who are called to serve in that vein, making themselves available to that sending board’s discretion as to where they serve, in what capacity they serve, and how long they serve. Our focus is on undergirding the missionary that has been called to Kingdom service and needs the arm of the Church to walk them through how to accomplish their particular God-given goals in the place to which they know God is sending them. We have actually been labeled by some missionaries as “the home for homeless missionaries”! We also find that our relational and discipleship oriented approach to serving the missionary’s needs has brought a depth and richness to our GSM family that some found lacking in what they have experienced in serving elsewhere. Even our weekly reporting structure and support raising training has been a topic of much appreciation as, unfortunately, missionaries coming to us have shared that basic accounting and support structures were missing. The fact that we operate with a view to both where missionaries are headed and where they are coming from is important. Missionaries don’t fully stop being from a home church or town, and their relationships “back home” are vital, yet often struggle as folks answer God’s call. Thus, we are a liaison to the churches as well. When we can, we help churches understand how to care for those they send, beyond writing a check. These are just a few of the differences that our missionaries have made us aware of that they are grateful for.

I Want To Volunteer At Gsm. Are There Office Locations Locally Or Around The Usa? What Are Some Of The Needs?
So much of what GSM does is accomplished because of people like you! We love our volunteers. There is an ongoing and constantly updated list of volunteer needs here on the site, but foremost, we want to talk with you about how you believe God has wired you to serve. We find that when folks can operate in their God-given gifts, needs are met, the mission expands and new ministries are born!
How is GSM Funded, Including Missionaries?
We are a nonprofit organization and have no central funds. Staff and missionaries, including the president of GSM, raise support to cover salaries, benefits, and ministry expenses. All GSM personnel establish relationships with prayer and financial partners. This Kingdom partnership links existing Kingdom resources to meet existing Kingdom needs and spreads the news of God’s activity in the world.
How Are Salaries Determined?
Salaries are determined by geographic factors, ministry type, and family size. In addition, staff and missionaries may raise funds for a retirement plan. Ultimately, we determine a missionary’s living budget and ministry budget by working with the appointed missionary to ensure they will thrive and not just survive on the field.
When Should I Begin Sending Funds To Someone Who Has Just Started The Process Of Becoming A Missionary With GSM?
It is best to start giving once you have made a partnership commitment. Until they are fully funded, staff and missionaries must focus their ministry efforts on raising support. Once support is raised, staff and missionaries can begin their full-time ministry on the field.
How Long Do I Continue My Support?
That is an answer that can only come from the Lord. We hope and pray that you continue supporting as long as the Spirit is leading you to do so.
Does All My Money Go To The Staff Member Or Missionary I Support?
All contributions sent to support a staff member, missionary, or specific ministry fund is distributed directly to them. Funds and specific designations are managed and dispensed by GSM. While credit card processing fees and per transaction charges do occur through our online giving platform called iDonate, GSM does not charge any percentages or fees from your contribution to keep for the organization – 100% of what we receive goes toward the staff member or missionary, and we are always looking for ways to reduce even the small costs of those fees and charges that occur in the transaction process.