Doug & Karen Fowler

Serving in Guatemala

Fowler Family

Doug and Karen Fowler currently serve in San Benito, Guatemala, alongside New Covenant World Missions and Hospital Shalom. Their main focus includes serving children and adults with special needs, providing support for their families, and organizing medical clinics in remote, indigenous villages of the Petén region. Karen is the director of the Champions Club, a program specifically designed to help children with autism and other cognitive and physical issues develop physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually using their five senses. She also works one on one with children using “strategic play” to help them develop and strengthen fine and gross motor skills. Doug is a gifted carpenter and woodworker. He always has a few projects going, but typically his work is focused around the development of medical clinics in rural areas. He also has a passion for helping those in remote villages have sustainable and drinkable/filtered water sources in their homes in order to improve their health and way of life.

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