Euro Cup Street Evangelism and Multi-Sport Camp

Stuttgart and Hamburg, Germany

Trip Date

July 11th – July 23rd, 2024

The Need

(volunteers minimum age 17) We need people willing to serve in various roles and responsibilities through the entire trip. For example: set up and take down of equipment, street evangelism, serving meals, transportation, serving in small groups with kids.

Who We Are Serving

Cornerstone International Church in Stuttgart Germany.

They will be doing evangelism in parallel with the Euro Cup which is being held in Germany. This evangelism could range from a weekend long street festival to big screen seating in a park to watch a game.

Die Arche Hamburg

Founded in 1995 in Berlin to fight child poverty. It is a Christian run non-profit. They have over 25 locations across Germany and serve over 4,000 children and families.

In Hamburg there are 3 facilities with full time staff that work daily with Refugees, Romas, and African children. Between the facilities they easily manage several hundred children

The program during the school year does homework help and daytime activities.

In the summer they try and make camps

Die Arche goal is to make a positive change in the lives and families. At the same time being a Christ-like witness.

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