1.01 Introduction

Welcome to Pre-Candidate Orientation Training!!

This video will require your latest copy of Simple Answers. You can download a copy in the materials tab of this lesson.

Please print it out so you can go through it with the video. You will need to pause the video to find answers. Please consider this an opportunity to discuss with the other members of your group who are going through this training at this time as well.

Discuss the details together with your group and answer the questions together and respond to one another with “full sentences”.

Please Note:

  • When asked about a scale of 1 to 10 throughout the course work, 1 refers to “not at all”, whereas 10 would be “completely and with excellence”.
  • The English Standard Version is used throughout the course material, unless otherwise noted.
  • Quite often, it will be assumed that you are familiar with passages provided or Scriptures referenced. Please understand that we expect that you will go back and understand the context of any passage before answering questions about your comprehension or application of the text. This has been done so as to limit the amount of time spent in each lesson, but not to diminish the importance of reading God’s word in context.