1.02 Simple Answers and GSM Basics

Please answer the following questions in the comments section below. We need this to be INTERACTIVE! So you need to comment on one another’s posts as well. Remember to keep it encouraging and helpful and in full sentences!

  1. State our Mission and Vision
  2. State the 5 limitations God led us to avoid
  3. Which of the 7 Core Values most spoke to you?
  4. Which of the 7 Core Values was the most challenging?
  5. In your own words, why is GSM not affiliated denominationally?
  6. What 4 areas are we listening for in your life and what do they mean to you?
  7. What 4 funds will you need to raise and get approved by your Regional Director and Finance Team?
  8. What do each of those funds do?
  9. What 5 teams do we require you to develop to assist you in your calling?
  10. Which of the 5 teams feels the most helpful to you?
  11. We will come back to the 5 biblical priorities in another video, but for now, please list them in order.
  12. Name two ways that GSM being 0% is a blessing to you.
  13. Name two ways that GSM leadership is affected by our commitment to maintaining a 0% ministry.
  14. What are three things that the Greatest Need Fund (GNF) covers that will be a blessing to your ministry.
  15. Explain why we cannot issue refunds to donors or simply release funds as they come in to our missionaries.
  16. Which area of our desire to support missionaries excited you or encouraged you the most?
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