11.01 Introduction

We want to interact with each of you in light of your various personality types. This helps with understanding you better and knowing who is serving you better as well. We have two that we want you to take and share the results of your surveys with the group at Candidate Orientation. We will be reviewing these together on Tuesday, June 7th.

They are both free.

If you’ve never done tests like this before, you’ll find that the results may be quite enlightening and surprisingly accurate in explaining why you think, work, communicate, and interact with others the way you do.

We plan to have a fun, team building activity during C.O. that will go along with the results of everyone’s personality types, so be sure to select the option at the end of your 16 Personalities test to have your results emailed to you and kindly forward it to AMBER (admin@gosendme.us). You’ll also want to set up your free profile on the site so that you can see the full explanations of your personality type. There is no need to purchase the premium profile from the website – just utilize what it offered for free.

  1. 16 Personalities: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test
  2. Personality Color: https://bit.ly/PersonalityColorsGSM
  3. Personality Color Results: https://bit.ly/ColorResultsGSM

On the Color Assessment, email admin@gosendme.us your results, and also, please comment on this group what your final results from BOTH assessments was!

If you have any questions or technical difficulties, please let me know. Have fun learning and discovering more about yourself now so we can learn and discover together how God is using each of our unique personalities and gifts to fulfill His will.