2.02 LCDS Model

“GSM’s Leadership Model”

  1. How is GSM’s “Leadership Model” different than what we typically see about leadership in the world?
  2. How does it feel to be identified as a “worthless slave” or servant who is only doing our duty?
  3. Which of the three legs of this model would you say is your strongest area? Give an example please.
  4. Which of these three areas do you feel you struggle with the most?
  5. Which of the (Response) areas seems easiest to you from “Follow”, “Learn” and “Respond”?
  6. How have you seen believers struggle to place themselves under leaders? How have you struggled?
  7. What fears do you have about our Leadership Model?

Please respond in the comments section below and comment on one another’s responses with kindness and the pursuit of understanding one another better.

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