5.01 Introduction

A.P.A.C.S. is the process that GoSendMe Global uses to build the vital teams missionaries need to be as holistically healthy on the field as possible, including their financial support. This has come together as a result of what hundreds of missionaries have said they both wished their sending orgs did and did not do- including the need to have their interpersonal relationships involved in the work and active in their lives!

This training will guide you through the various aspects of how A.P.A.C.S. is both relevant to your journey to the mission field and vital to your overall success, while helping you think through how to get these amazing teams put together before you go to the field. For those on the field already, this video will also prove to be a great tool in where to course correct and how to rally folks together around these five key areas and includes pointers on how to better segment your prayer lists for maximum impact.​

Simply put, GoSendMe Global (GSM) is a unique mix of ministries , countries, missionaries, and partnerships. We strive to hear God’s voice and follow His call in all the unique ways that He has chosen to work among us.