9.02 Biblical Priorities and Boundaries

The number of missionary casualties on the field is discouragingly high, and I believe these principles would have spared the majority from the shipwreck of both family and faith.

Pay attention to the helpful hints and helps regarding what we say and how we promote health in our homes, and the homes of those we hold accountable.

Here are your questions:

  1. Share an example that you have seen in your life or the lives of someone in ministry that demonstrated having their priorities misplaced. How do you suppose that happened? How did they get to that place and perspective?
  2. Which of the ten Boundaries Beware (from the PPT) would you say resonates the most with you or concerns you the most about yourself or your family/marriage?
  3. Which of the four pictures do you feel best represents your family right now regarding healthy boundaries? Are you pleased with the way you/your family is balancing priorities and boundaries?
  4. What is an example where a missionary may be tempted to re-arrange the Biblical Priorities?
  5. If you have not begun the process of taking a day with God once a month, I want to encourage you to do so at least once before Candidate Orientation.

Please feel free to ask any questions from this material! I am eager to see you interact with this section, especially with the various cultural backgrounds and life circumstances in this group. Praying for you guys!

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