Long Term Service

Service over 3 Years

What GSM will provide to you as a Missionary:

  • ​Holistic missionary care, regular accountability to your calling, and consistent, ongoing training specialized to the mission and vision, location, and culture of your mission field.
  • Training and equipping from experienced and seasoned servants that are preparing you to serve in a cross-cultural, Christ-centered work.
  • A safe place for the struggles and heartaches of missionary life when public posts or newsletters would not be appropriate.
  • Fundraising coaching from a truly Kingdom perspective that understands pitfalls and best practices as you raise support for Kingdom work.
    • Note: GSM missionaries are required to raise their full salary plus a ministry budget through GSM.
  • Administrative support that is experienced in crossing cultures, international relations, visas, exchange rates, foreign travel and tax laws for missionaries, etc. that most churches are simply unable and ill-equipped to offer.
  • W2 handling of your salary, with direct deposit and access to tools that make international banking simpler and less expensive.
  • Assistance in setting up necessary budget amounts to raise and ongoing support in developing your support networks.
  • Security measures and best practices from a team of qualified individuals who can best assess with you how make a solid plan for being a good steward of yourself, your family, and your ministry.
  • Resource for recruiting, administrating, preparing, sending, and mentoring teams, interns and other co-laborers to your field.
  • Liaison for you back in the United States with supporters and supporting churches, providing a much simpler and healthier platform for them, and even training to know how to better work alongside you for Kingdom success from the United States.

General Process to Become a GSM Missionary:

  • Initial conversation, First Step Call, over phone or video to recognize potential for common ground in the Gospel, approach, Kingdom-centeredness, overall sense of being able to work together, and to obtain a ministry overview.
  • After reading the Simple Answers document and the applicable Steps to the Field, potential applicant/applicant couple will complete a Second Step Call with members of the Leadership team to determine if an invitation to apply will be extended.
  • Applicant is invited to start missionary application.
  • GSM Executive Director and Leadership team reviews all application pieces and determines if applicant/applicant couple are to be invited to a formal interview and Candidate Orientation where a formal interview will be made to approve Candidate(s) or recommend other next steps.
  • Approved Candidate accepts the Commission of GSM as an *Appointee (those who will need to prepare for departure & raise funds) or **Missionary (those already serving on their field of service) and the onboarding process begins.
  • GSM works with Appointee/Missionary to prepare, ***train, equip and send them to their field to do missions together.
  • GSM continues plan of accountability, training, partnership, encouragement, and advocacy.

​*GSM Appointees are approved as GSM commissioned missionaries once their assigned “Steps to the Field” have been completed to the satisfaction of the Executive and Leadership teams.

**GSM recognizes that many of our candidates come to us while serving on their field. However, this does not negate that to come under the umbrella of GSM as a missionary that will represent the organization, one must still fulfill the “Steps to the Field” that GSM will assign to the missionary applicant based on our assessment of the applicant’s status.

***GSM requires Appointees to go through the assigned training regimen that GSM leadership deems most appropriate based on the previous experience level, education, spiritual maturity, and difficulty of the chosen location for each missionary. This requires the appointee to raise funds to attend training with their family.

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