We are called to serve those serving Him.


The situation across Southern and Eastern Asia is indeed grave. The latest strains of COVID have had disastrous results on those we serve alongside, especially in Nepal.  We are seeking to provide relief in the way of food packages that will sustain 400+ families for a month. These families are on the list of our National Director, who is a Nepalese National, who has been so faithful to keep carrying the Gospel message, village to village, with those he continues to train and disciple. $30 is the cost of a relief kit that includes rice, cooking oil and salt for a family of four for a month.

​We are asking you to consider giving $32 using the giving portal to assist in covering transfer fees and administrative expenses to meet these needs and get life-giving food and the Gospel to those in need.


Share the love of Jesus,

Preach the Gospel,

​Build the body of Christ.

Business for the Kingdom

Loving people, sharing the gospel, and making disciples is the heart of this ministry.  Since it was established in 2006,  it has been  continually building leaders and planting churches in different parts of Nepal  to evangelize the lost, proclaim God’s glory,  and  advance God’s kingdom.

In order to fulfill the vision  and equip believers for ministry,  two separate Kingdom  businesses are being initiated: goat farming and  a taxi service.  Funding is needed to help with the initial investment costs  of these sustainable income opportunities. 

Goat Farming Business

Goat meat is the second most consumed meat in Nepal after buffalo meat. Goat farming in Nepal is a suitable business, that provides an income and very little risk.

Projected annual business income: $6,450.00 USD

Donating goats to leaders and believers will enable them to start

​their own goat farming business, providing a self-sustainable way

to support their families and ministries.

The goal is to donate 10 goats per year @ $370 per goat.

Initial Investment:

Housing cost: $2,700.00 USD  

Purchase goats: $3,700.00 USD  

Farm registration: $90.00 USD   

Miscellaneous: $250.00 USD 

Total funding goal: $6,740.00 USD 

Taxi Service Business

Nepal is a major tourism destinations for both local and international travelers. Due to the lack of good public transportation, private vehicle services are in high demand. Taxi and tourism transportation can provide ongoing income and supplement the ministry costs of local believers. The taxi service will also provide a way for believers to meet new people and build new relationships for the sake of the Kingdom.

Local believers will register a private vehicle service company to provide the best travel solution within the country. At least two vehicles are required to register a company. The goal is to purchase two vehicles so the company can be registered and the business can get started.

Projected annual business income: $9,350.00 USD

Initial investment required: $15,680.00 USD

For the purchase of two vehicles @ $7,840.00 USD each

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