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Why does GSM need support?

Did you know that missionaries under a missions sending agency can be assessed as much as 30% of the support that they raise for their personal and ministry budgets to fund the missions agency?

Did you also know that GSM missionaries are not assessed any fees? Instead we choose to trust God to provide for the needs of the organization through the contributions of our faithful donors and fundraising efforts.

​These donations are put into our Greatest Needs Fund (GNF) which covers all our operational and ministry expenses.

Partners who answer God’s call and help shoulder the financial burden allow us to serve those who are on the field without taxing them.


Why Donors Should Invest in the Kingdom through GSM:

  • We are Kingdom first. Our application and screening process has no other goal but to ensure that those who work with us and are under our care are above reproach and sincerely called by God to accomplish Kingdom purposes.
  • We are committed to Christ’s commands. We live by faith, spread the Gospel, make disciple makers, start church-planting movements, and reveal the Kingdom of God in every nation where He sends us. We are driven by no other measure of success but our sincere love for the Lord Jesus Christ, and our desire to hear Him say, “Well done.”
  • We are a 100%-in / 100%-out, not-for-profit ministry. We do not withhold anything from anyone who serves with us in order to run the organization, but instead we live by faith, needs through contributions designated specifically for trusting God to provide for GoSendMe Global by our giving partners.
  • We are called to serve the missionary. We exist to make the mission and vision of those whom God has called a reality, to meet their needs. Those who serve with us know we exist to help them accomplish their calling, not to serve our organization.
  • We are one in purpose and diverse in global impact. We are operating from an “every nation” burden. Your Kingdom investment can target specific areas of need or the scope of your global impact can grow as we continue to come alongside God’s servants in an increasing number of differing ministries and locations around the world.
  • We are serious about a holistic approach. Missionaries need ongoing training, accountability, and pastoral care, but your investment helps us equip missionaries and their families toward biblical health in emotional, physical, and spiritual sense.
  • We are responsive to “the least of these.” We respond to God’s call to ‘pure and undefiled work, religion” by seeking out what God is doing in the global picture and joining Him at especially among those experiencing international humanitarian crisis.
  • We are dedicated to discipleship amongst nationals. We agree from Scripture in the creation of a Christ-centered missional culture among people groups in every culture and context that results in nationals reaching nationals.
  • We are adamantly opposed to tourism-only focused opportunities that do not have at their core an integrity regarding strategies to expand God’s Kingdom. We do not provide romanticized mission trip opportunities. Thus, more is accomplished for the Kingdom, more long-term relationships are built, and more life-committed missionaries are called to serve in true ministry environments.
  • We are faithful to the call. We hold our partners and missionaries accountable to their God given mission and vision. Even when a team or intern is requested, we ensure that every person we send will actually serve to accomplish what the missionary has told us they are there to do.

Your Donations Make a HUGE Impact

There are multiple ways to donate to the GNF including secure online giving, offline giving, donating while you shop through Amazon Smile, and even participating through an employer’s Benevity fund-matching program. Go to the Greatest Need Fund page to give a one-time gift or set up a recurring donation.

Fundraise with the Advancment Team

The Advancement team (A-team) is made up of people who have chosen to actively pursue and be involved in advancing the Kingdom of God alongside GSM.

Special Message

  • The A-team will actively pray for GSM and will get others to be involved in praying too.
  • The A-team will be involved in creatively promoting awareness about GSM within their networks, and even in new networks, by getting the word out about how GSM’s mission to serve, train, and take care of those who are also being called to serve in various ministries and by simply letting people know that this organization even exist so they too can be involved in some capacity.
  • The A-team will engage in creatively raising financial support for the Greatest Needs Fund of GSM (this fund covers the administrative & ministry expenses of the organization) by earning funds themselves, organizing and hosting fundraising events, or setting up financial avenues for funds to be generated.
  • The A-team will stay in regular communication with the GSM team to be aware of the needs of the organization ranging anywhere from specific prayer requests, financial provision, needed items & supplies, or project assistance.
  • The A-team will be willing to help with occasional projects like printing letters and stuffing envelopes or assisting with organizational events in various ways (like our Candidate Orientation where we host missionaries as they come onboard and receive their initial training).
  • A-team members may or may not be monthly/annual financial partners – and that’s ok if they’re not, because God uses willing & obedient people to get His work done in lots of different ways! Being a part of the A-team is a way that you can have an active part in advancing His Kingdom with GSM.


We invite you to partner with us in our greatest need – prayer; to take on the mentality of “You go into the well, but we hold the ropes.”

If you would be willing to commit to faithfully praying for GSM and our missionaries and partners, please contact us and let us know you would like to join our Prayer Team.​

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