Undisclosed Countries


Short-term to long-term, there are wide-open doors for amazing ministry from the Middle East to the Great East, and the need is massive. Though we cannot list each nation, name, or ministry, here are some examples and the full range of opportunity headings. Please reach out to GoSendMe Global today to have a prayerful conversation about the exciting details of where God may be calling you to serve.

Tourism and Travel

Multiple transformational businesses are providing an exciting platform to explore and engage in previously inaccessible areas through adventure tourism. The companies are looking for college level interns or seasoned volunteers. Areas of proficiency include marketing, videography and photography, finances and accounting, web development, human resources, administration, and business management. These unique opportunities are providing open doors and legal avenues for indigenous believers to reach the unreached in their own countries. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to put your business experience into action.

Teaching and Education: Pre-K to Masters level teaching positions and univeristy  (undergrad through masters) study abroad  programs*

There is a need for younger people who can study local languages and engage in missions within university campuses as a part of study abroad programs, either for a semester or a year-long commitment. There are openings for experienced educators to come and teach at universities, a legitimate platform that allows for reaching hearts both within and outside academia. Primary and secondary teachers are also in demand, opening up doors into the families and homes of unreached people groups.


​Being a native English speaker is a marketable skill in these countries where proficiency in English as a second language is highly sought after. Serve with organizations that empower locals by teaching English and sharing the gospel. Teach conversation groups, culture-oriented education, and pour into students on an individual level. Invest relationally in long-term service, or volunteer on a short-term team for three weeks.

Sports and Summer Camps

​​Children’s summer camps are a fast paced and joy-filled mission opportunity that engage the body and the soul of kids and their families. Volunteers are needed to help lead English and sports camps in various countries where the name of Jesus is not yet known. Those with a passion for sports, education, psychology, community service, music, and art can share their skills and Christ’s love with theses precious kids!

Community Development

​​​From clean water to parenting classes, small business creation to agriculture, GSM and local leaders are advancing God’s agenda through a holistic and sustainable approach to community development. Learn to put your practical skills to use for an eternal purpose as you join hands with local believers through these sanctioned pathways in otherwise closed-access territories.

​​​*some positions require TESOL certification