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What is GoSendMe Global?

We're seeking to be the most Kingdom thing we can be for God's glory. GSM was founded in 2016 to pursue a call to reach the nations and work with local churches to support, strengthen, and serve those being sent in Jesus' name.

As an organization, we seek to redeem the local church's place as God's plan for missions. GSM has a footprint in over 50 countries by sending and serving missionaries, partners, and international ministry leaders.


to Vision


To serve those who are called out to serve Him.


Nationals reaching the nations and communities transformed by Jesus.

GoSendMe Global (GSM) is a unique mix of ministries, countries, missionaries, and partnerships

We strive to hear God's voice and follow His call in all the unique ways that He has chosen to work among us.

How We Serve

By removing the barriers to answer Christ's Call such as:

  • Qualifications - We are more concerned that you're truly called than if you feel qualified to serve.
  • Denominations -We must represent Christ first and foremost, over and above all others.
  • Standardizations - We encourage God's servants to follow the Holy Spirit over methodologies or curriculum.
  • Vocations - We have learned and support that God calls people to reach people through many kinds of ministries.
  • Organizations - We seek for the unity of all Christ followers and to work with other believers.
  • Locations - We are called to be Global, including local, and are excited to see where He is sending you!
  • Validations - We have no need for numerical proof of God at work, believing that obedience is your fruit.

By responding to what missionaries have told us was needed:

  • We are committed to the fulfillment of your calling.
  • We pray intentionally and strategically.
  • We disciple believers to obey God's voice.
  • We equip believers to serve God and others.
  • We collaborate with local churches.
  • We work toward locally-led ministries and development.
  • We make giving to missionaries easier.
  • We don't take admin fees out of missionary donations.
  • We maintain accounting, administrative, and logistical support.
  • We prepare believers for cross-cultural service.
  • We provide holistic missionary care.
  • We remain flexible as God re-directs ministries.
  • We shepherd through intense challenges.
  • We don't desert you through coming off the field.

Our Core Values

Suffering and Sacrifice over Comfort and Safety

Obedience and Calling over Results and Passion

Christ and Kingdom over Christendom and Religion

Sustainability and Development over Continuous Aid and Relief

Nationals Making Disciples over Missionary-Centered Ministry

Faith, Hope, and Love over Fear, Despair, and Condemnation

Accountability and Oneness in the Body over Authority and Corporate Structures

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