Forbidden Cities Development Project

Bamboo Grove Initiative


The research component involves an in-depth study of the Bamboo Grove Region's ethno-linguistic, socio-cultural, environmental, and legal aspects. This research is the foundation of our approach, providing insights into the region's customs, history, and social networks. It guides our planning and ensures that our engagement is contextualized to local conditions. Specific prayer guides will be developed from the understanding and contextual knowledge curated by the Research Initiative.

Business Platform Development

Focused on establishing sustainable and culturally sensitive business ventures within the Bamboo Grove Region. These ventures contribute to the local economy and serve as platforms for deeper engagement, fostering relationships and providing avenues for spiritual dialogue.


The Training component empowers indigenous church leaders within the Bamboo Grove Region with the specific knowledge, skills, and biblical depth they request. This includes tailored training programs in cross-cultural ministry and theological training, enabling leaders to engage effectively with their communities.

Resource Language Translation

This role focuses on Bible and spiritual resource translation into the local language with linguistic accuracy and cultural relevance. The aim is to provide accessible materials that resonate with the local community, facilitating deeper understanding and connection within the framework of our mission.

Support and Administration

The Support and Administration role ensures the smooth operation of our mission in this sensitive area. This includes logistics management, activity coordination, communication, and international governmental compliance.

The Forbidden Cities Development Project - Bamboo Grove Initiative is a multifaceted mission dedicated to advancing the Gospel in the restricted Bamboo Grove Region.

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