Global Prison Sport Fellowship

The Global Prison Sport Fellowship is a newly formed developmental group. We have discovered since Covid that many ministries which were going into prisons ( an area already short on ministry) had stopped going. Not only have they stopped but once the CoVid bans were lifted many ministries decided to NOT return to the prisons.  Prisoners were already one of the least reached people groups in the world. Globally there are over 10,000,000 people in prison.  Prisoners themselves are not the only ones effected, so are their families, and their children. We have searched across the Globe and we believe we have found a large GAP in ministry. 

The Global Prison Sport Fellowship is a network of believers around the world who go into prisons regularly and do ministry through sport. We have found sport is an easy access tool into prisons. Once in, the ministries can have many different looks depending on the programs. 

What we wish to do with this network, is to bring people together. To encourage them so they know they are not alone. To share resources, to create new resources, and to seek out others who are share the same heart.

Currently the network needs sponsorship. Right now, we are a network of 11 people representing 8 countries. We are seeking to have our first face-to-face meeting in April. We hope this meeting will be the catalyst to grow the network. With your sponsorship you will help other missionaries travel to the meeting. You will help with the logistics to facilitate this meeting and you will help the network develop and grow.

Update on our Kenya Meeting:

Thanks so much for your prayers and your support of our meetings in Kenya. What a blessed and amazing time this was. We have now developed and set a plan to mobilize and equip those who are interested in sports ministry in prisons. We have already begun the work. Currently we have a 2-year plan in place. We will travel again to Kenya next year specifically to develop resources. And in 2026 we want to have a Gathering of anyone interested. Praises to Him!!

Pray for us.

  • We have already added many new people interested in this type of ministry service
  • We will hold a few Zoom calls this year to keep the motivation and interest Hot!
  • Pray for our plans for Kenya next year and the development of resources
  • We need an Administration person for this work
  • We need finances

Please consider giving.

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